March 22, 2010

Why I Am Running for State Representative

As a Christian, as a husband and father, as someone that has worked hard throughout my life to try to achieve something better, and just as a concerned American – I seek this office in this critical election year to defend the principles that have made our nation great. These principles include faith, family, freedom, liberty, work ethic, capitalism, and a limited government under the control of its citizens.

Today, our constitutional republic is under attack as never before by those who would transform us toward a social democratic welfare state that marginalizes citizens’ rights. Our state and federal government has simply grown out of control and has exceeded its constitutional role. The effects have been devastating, but the worst is surely yet to come if we ignore the perils of history.

Our state and nation are drowning in government debt. This is unsustainable, and is quickly growing at a rate that will be impossible to fix. Thomas Jefferson sternly warned against this practice and rightfully called it immoral. But, he could never have imagined the extent to which our politicians would ignore his warnings 200 years later. History has proven time and again that this will lead to certain economic disaster.

Big government takeovers (healthcare, education, business bailouts, banks, and more) will not solve our problems. Those that would sell their liberty for the promise of prosperity deserve neither, and many will live to regret it. Government attempts to fix our society through transfers of wealth and the abandonment of faith-based values have failed miserably. America continues to descend into further socioeconomic chaos as the family structure is under attack. The politics of envy and greed are taking a huge toll. While never perfect, America was once the enviable pattern for the world. Today, as we see abandonment of many of the principles that made us great, we are falling behind. As many socialist countries have been moving toward our model, we are unfortunately moving toward theirs to our peril and destruction.

This year’s election for the North Carolina House is very important regarding our representation on both the state and national levels. Next year, the General Assembly will do redistricting. This means every Congressional and state legislative district can be changed. Progressive legislators have created such ill-drawn, ridiculous districts (a process known as “gerrymandering”) that the will of the people is not being carried out. It is so blatant that a substantial majority of voters elect members of one party to serve, but the other side wins a huge majority of legislators. This is more than unfair, it is an abomination. I will work to end this immoral, unethical practice that takes more power from the citizens.

Huge government debt vs. fiscal responsibility. Citizens’ rights vs. big government. More capitalism, competition and free-markets vs. more socialism, entitlement and government control. Protection of faith-based values vs. an all-out assault on faith in the public square. These are issues worth fighting for. This is why we sacrifice to serve.

It is time for a change. If not now, when?