July 1, 2010

We Need Fiscal Responsibility in Raleigh

According to recent polling results, less than one quarter of North Carolina voters believe that our state is headed in the right direction. The vast majority believe that state government is failing us. This series of articles discusses policy reforms that many believe are needed to move our state in the right direction. Our campaign is about issues, and a vision for a better North Carolina. We ask you to join with us.


The problem: Unsustainable budget growth! Government spending has skyrocketed as the size, scope and control of government has continued to grow. The result is that certain economic disaster looms unless we change course.

State spending has grown by 300% (adjusted for inflation) while our population grew by only 60 percent. This is not sustainable! North Carolina has the highest tax burden in the South, killing jobs. We are in the top 10 states in unemployment. Moreover, our state is accumulating huge debt, while exhausting the dedicated reserves in our Highway Trust Fund and Rainy Day Fund.

A recent Debt Affordability Study released by the State Treasurer concluded that our state has virtually exhausted its debt limit, and its AAA bond rating may soon be in jeopardy. This would accelerate the debt interest even more, among other grave concerns! Our annual debt payments have already almost tripled in this decade. This is an economic crisis.

The solution: State government must balance its budget! It must prioritize spending, and spend within its means. We are living on a borrowed, false economy that cannot continue. Our children will never be able to pay back the interest on our debt.

No society has ever survived this approach. As Winston Churchill said, “for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle”. The high tax and spend approach is not sustainable.

The choice is very clear in this election. Our opponent has a consistent record raising debt, taxes, and spending! His progressive tax and spend crowd is looking for new taxes to fuel bigger government, such as the proposed Vehicle Mileage Tax!

The Vehicle Mileage Tax would be disastrous for North Carolina families and businesses! We must stop higher spending and new taxes such as the VMT!

Friends, it is definitely time for a change!