December 11, 2010

An Honor and a Privilege to Serve

Dear Friends,

It is an honor and a privilege to have been elected as your state representative to represent the citizens of House District 65 in Rockingham County. I accept this great responsibility with a sense of both humility and excitement. We have an opportunity before us to make some much needed changes in the way our state government does business – changes that can improve the quality of life for North Carolina’s citizens.

The next several years of governing will be a tremendous challenge. We must make very difficult decisions as we face a huge financial shortfall. It is immoral how government has been spending our children’s future and saddling our society with huge government debt. The citizens have clearly spoken, and we must listen and act. Business as usual will not suffice. But, government cannot do it all. Citizens must work together to foster changes in behaviors, as the era of expanding government and the oft-prevailing attitudes of entitlement must change.

Lord willing, the historic 2011 session will mark the beginning of several long awaited changes that will change our state for the better. Some of these changes will include balancing the state budget without raising taxes, protecting private property rights by ending forced annexation as we know it, passing the Healthcare Freedom Protection Act, eliminating the artificial cap on charter schools, passing the Honest Election Act to require a valid photo ID to vote, and protecting the sacred institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Another critical issue will be addressed by establishing fair and legal congressional and legislative districts.

I am excited about serving the Lord throughout this endeavor, and serving my constituents in Rockingham County. Just as I did as county commissioner, I will be true to the platform that I campaigned on – honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility. As a fiscal and social conservative, I believe in limited, effective government that does not exceed its constitutional role.

We will have regular email newsletters and townhall meetings to continue good communication. This continues to be a grassroots citizens’ effort. This seat belongs to you, the citizens of our district. With God’s blessing, together we will continue to work to help improve our community and our state.

The tasks before us are great, but definitely worth our best efforts. Please remember to keep me and leaders at all levels of government held up in prayer.

It is easy to contact me anytime at I want to know your concerns and how I might be of assistance, if possible.

Take care and God bless.