March 1, 2012

Legislative Update, Townhall Meetings Continue

Since the last newsletter, I have filed to run for a second term in the North Carolina House of Representatives. I will continue to run and serve on the platform of honesty, integrity and fiscal responsibility. Everyone is invited to examine my stand on important issues at our website, I will continue to serve true to these principles that I believe the large majority of our district shares.

Because of redistricting which the Constitution requires, and the population shifts in our state, the new House District 65 is expanding in geographical size and welcomes our friends in Caswell County. District 65 still includes the majority (about 2/3) of Rockingham County and all of Caswell County. Because Rockingham has a much larger population, about three-fourths of District 65 is in Rockingham County.

District 65 shares Rockingham County with District 91. Because of Rockingham County’s size, we have two House members. The county is too large for only one representative, and too small for two by itself. So, we share District 65 now with Caswell, and share District 91 with Stokes. It is too much to explain here, but these county groupings were not randomly chosen. They were mandated by court-ordered laws that determined the larger statewide plan.

District 91 is represented by Rep. Bryan Holloway, my good friend and an excellent legislator. We are likeminded and enjoy serving together. Among other things, Rep. Holloway is a teacher by profession and serves as Chairman on the House Education Committee on which I am also fortunate to serve. With redistricting, some Rockingham County residents were shifted from one of these House Districts to the other. This was unavoidable. However, Rep. Holloway and I want you to know that we are both delighted to serve you together, regardless which side of the District line you live on.

You can see a map of the House Districts at Click on “Redistricting” on the bar that extends across the top of the page, and then in a gray box you will see “Enacted District Plans”, including the NC House, NC Senate, and Congressional plans. If you have friends or family in Caswell County that would like to begin receiving this newsletter, please reply and let us know so that we can begin to serve them in this way.

On another note, many citizens in the Reidsville area in particular have indicated they would like an update of the upcoming Freeway Drive road expansion project. NCDOT Division Engineer Mike Mills has been very helpful in responding to our request for an informational public meeting, as have the City of Reidsville officials been very cooperative as well. The meeting will be at Reidsville City Hall on Tuesday, March 13 from 5:00-7:00 pm. It is not too late for us to offer good recommendations. For example, we recently were able to get a traffic light approved for the busy Ashcroft Dr. intersection, which was needed for traffic and safety concerns. I encourage you to come to this meeting if you have questions or concerns.

We have continued to have Townhall Meetings around our District, and other opportunities to speak with groups. There is one scheduled at the Wray Center in Eden, Sat. April 7 at 10:00 am. I have enjoyed these meetings, and am told that citizens have found them very informational. If you have a group that might like a presentation regarding our work in the General Assembly or a townhall style meeting, please reply and let us know.