May 1, 2012

Vote for the Marriage Amendment

Friends, It has continued to be a busy time for me in preparation for the upcoming Short Session beginning in two weeks. The House and Senate rules limit what legislation we will undertake in this session (or every session would be a Long Session, I suppose). But, I expect it will be somewhat 'fast and furious'.

I do not have an opponent in the May 8 primary, but I ask you to vote FOR the Marriage Protection Amendment. Let's be clear, the only legitimate reason to vote "no" is if you want homosexual marriage. If that is the case, vote your conscience and we'll agree to disagree.

Don't be confused by the barrage of deceptive ads by those against traditional marriage. Let's consider briefly a few myths versus facts in this debate. The opponents of traditional marriage are using a 'divide and conquer strategy' with odd, conflicting arguments. They know that 30 states already have Constitution protection of marriage. It has passed every time voters have had that opportunity. Every scientifically sound poll indicates a wide margin of NC voters support marriage.

I ask you to apply common sense to their main two arguments. First, they admit that the amendment simply affirms current marriage law and puts it in our Constitution. They argue it is therefore unnecessary. Of course, we know the amendment is necessary to keep a liberal activist judge from trying to challenge the law as in some other states. There is already a lawsuit by an elected official in NC for not allowing "same-sex marriages".

But then, opponents argue that if the amendment passes, all sorts of terrible things will happen. Not only are these claims false, but keep in mind that the definition of marriage between one man and one woman is already the law. No one will lose rights when this amendment passes. These terrible things do not occur now, and they do not occur in the 30 states with constitutional protection of marriage. These false claims are only attempts to confuse voters to oppose the amendment.

Finally, they appeal to 'limited government' conservatives by claiming this is "big government overreach". The truth is that there will be a legal definition of marriage one way or the other. This amendment vote allows citizens to decide, rather than a "big government" activist judge or potential future legislature changing our marriage laws against the will of the people.

All credible polls show the supporters of traditional marriage leading by huge margins even with all the deceptive ads in opposition. But, we cannot depend on polls or take victory for granted. People must be sure to vote. Let's make a strong statement for traditional, biblical marriage. Vote FOR Marriage! For more information, go to For "Myths vs. Facts", see

Announcements: Thanks to all who came out for the Marriage Protection Amendment rally at the Rockingham County Governmental Center last week. The Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to approve a resolution supporting the Marriage Protection Amendment that evening. Thanks to Commissioners Keith Mabe, James Kallam, and Craig Travis for voting for marriage. There will be another rally in Yanceyville, in the courthouse square in front of the Old Caswell County Courthouse, this Friday, May 4 at 5:30 pm. Please join us if you can for a brief 20 minute rally to affirm biblical, traditional marriage between a man and a woman.